1. Initial Chat & Walk Through

Call Mae or email her for an initial conversation about your needs and what you are looking for in a house cleaner. Once we discover we could be a fit, you can schedule a free in-home walk through. 

Mae will take about 30 minutes walking through all the rooms you want her to clean and maintain. She calls this process, the Lay of the Land. .


2. Lay of the Land & Design

Mae will formulate the Big Picture with the Lay of the Land and
her Tri-cycle process.  She will imagine how she would divide the job, once she begins her initial clean.

Mae will ask you questions like

  • "Where are your high functioning areas?"
  • "Is dinner prepared quick and easy?"
    "How many times do you make a big sit down meal per week?"

Getting a feel for the lay of the land and designing an estimate
that will be personal to your house and lifestyle.

3. Tri-cycle & the First 3 visits

"We don't cut corners, we clean them!"  The first clean will be initial preparation for regular maintenance.  Once the house is 'detailed', the second and third clean, Mae uses to get to know your house and patterns of use, while implementing her Tri-cycle process.

4. Intentional & Mindful Cleaning

Mae integrates mindful meditation into her daily life. She wants to bring mindfulness into her business.

Mindfulness mean, to Mae Cleans Houses:

  •  Mae will come into your home with the intention of giving you her full attention and an eye of a housekeeper.  Mindfulness allows Mae to be aware and present as she inspects, disinfects and polishes.
5. Products & Supplies

Mae is dedicated to using products that are bio-degradable and easy on our planet Earth.  Mae will consider and include your products and supplies, you know work well with your house and household, before she asks you to switch. 

Some of the products Mae likes:
Biokleen, 7th Generation, Dr. Bronner, & Mrs. Murphy Clean Day. 
Vinegar & Dish Soap, Borax.

6. Implementation

Mae will give you an estimate on house cleaning and maintenance.

Once Mae has cleaned for three visits, she will talk over what works and implement a cleaning schedule to maintain your home.  All the while, keeping an eye on those seasonal/yearly things that need adjustments and repaired.

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Mary is a very pleasant, positive person. She was excellent as our housekeeper, being very thorough and knowledgeable. We trusted her inour home when we were away. We think that she would be a great value to you AND your home.
- RR and SR, Old Town Anacortes
Mary Stoughton's work is excellent.  A clean house is uplifting.  Important to us too is her loyalty, cheerfulness, and flexibility when we needed to change schedules.  Hiring Mary will be a positive experience for you.
- AB, Anacortes